Get Noticed at Trade Shows and Exhibitions with Poster Sign Holders

fsst7924.7Making the decision to participate as an exhibitor at a trade show can offer invaluable rewards for your business, such as an increased customer base, gained insights into industry trends and a glimpse into your competitors’ marketing strategies. However, companies that dive blindly into the exhibition process may walk away with empty pockets and very little to show for it.

The key to experiencing success and growing your business and reputation at trade shows is booth exposure. With so many booths and sales reps clamouring for customer attention, you need to make your booth stand out.

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to draw interest to your booth is to invest in Poster Sign Holders.

Why are Poster Sign Holders perfect for trade shows?

Trade show advisors are adamant that a huge part of exhibiting successfully involves building a buzz around your booth. While there are many ways to do this, such as hosting gimmicky contests or renting money blowing machines, poster sign holders are a great option, because:

  • They’re fairly inexpensive

Poster Sign Holders, if decked out with a colourful and concise message, should quickly pay for themselves by attracting hoards of interested buyers to your booth.

  • They’re easy to set up

Organising for an exhibition can be incredibly stressful. A good poster sign holder should take some of the tension out of setting up by being easy to assemble and light-weight enough to move around for optimum exposure.

  • They express professionalism

With so many booths trying to garner attention, you want your exhibition to stand out. Poster sign holders can help you achieve this by complementing the rest of your booth design for a professional look. Customers will notice the effort that has been put into designing an attractive and accessible booth and expect you to approach business with them in a similar fashion. Conversely, booths that lack sign posting will alert customers to limited cash flow and a poor sense of professionalism from booth operators.

  • They effectively present your company message

A well-written banner fixed to a poster sign holder should be able to convey your business’s services, rates, special promotions and bottom line in a few sentences. Banners should contain just enough information to pique the customer’s interest and encourage them to engage one of the respectable, knowledgeable members of your sale’s team for further information on what your company can offer them.

From this brief explanation, you can begin to see why poster sign holders are favoured by industry experts for trade shows and exhibitions. The biggest and most difficult part of securing new customers is encouraging them to approach your booth out of the other hundred or more on offer. No amount of crazily low prices and effective sales reps can drum up new clients if you lack the sign posting to express it to trade show goers.

Invest in your business’s future today by purchasing poster sign holders for your next trade show.LP-poster