Going to a Trade Show? It’s All About Visual Display

kadoVisual design is important in books, in pamphlets, in corporate reports and – most definitely – in booths at trade shows. We’ve all been to trade shows; we’ve experienced that buzz in the air, the vibe that a room filled with people who are into the same things can give off. Oh, and we remember the booths that made it worth while; the booths that put visual design squarely at the top of their to-do list and drew in the curious and exuberant.

How can you bring the oomph that comes with an outstanding visual design to your trade show booth?

Huh? Retractable banner stands?

Placing a visually arresting banner that lets visitors know who you are and what you do is key to creating a professional trade show presence that leaves the right impression with prospective clients and investors as well as competitors. The retractable banner makes this a ridiculously easy  mission.

A retractable banner stand is a creative innovation that has had trade show goers all over the world looking pretty spiffy at trade show after trade show. A retractable banner stand has a nifty cylinder as it base where the banner is rolled up and stored when not needed. Not only is this a lightweight, portable option for trade show attendees but it is functional, looking its best each time it is unfurled.

Design rules for retractable banners

You may know exactly how you want your retractable banner to look. Just as you know exactly how you want it to make visitors feel. There are a couple of design rules that you should be aware of, even if you are hiring a professional to create a design.

Less text is better

You may want your banner to gush out all the information it can hold. Except that you don’t. Design is all about simplicity. Visitors to your booth will be drawn in by a cleverly designed and aesthetically appealing retractable banner but they do want to have to read it. They want it to show them things.

saturn-storm-two-viewsSimplicity of images

A retractable banner that is splattered with images of all colors and sizes will send a clear message to your booth’s visitors – don’t look at me. Our eyes seek what is visually pleasant and serene or artistically bold, not what is known in the industry as visual noise.

Curiosity kills… in a good way

If your retractable banner makes visitors curious, if it makes them wonder just what it is you do…this is a wonderful thing. It means that you have lured a customer to your booth where you can get the real word out about your outstanding products and services.

There you have it

If you are going to a trade show you need a rocking retractable banner that will lend automatic authenticity to your booth. That will instantly make you look as if you belong among these stars in your chosen field – which of course you do.