Improve Your Flagging Business with a Storefront Sign

images (1)Consumers these days are bombarded with choices. It might be great for the economy, but it means that businesses have to work harder than ever to make sales and generate consumer interest. This is particularly true for Mom and Pop stores and small franchise operations.

If your business is suffering from dwindling sales and lack of exposure, there are several steps you can take to make locals aware of your business. For example, companies with extensive budgets may want to consider taking out a television commercial for maximum exposure.

However, if your business lacks the funding for large scale advertising, there is a solution. Make your business more noticeable with a storefront sign or business sign.

Why should you invest in a storefront sign?

Most business owners invest a lot of time into their improving their businesses without addressing key areas of concern. You could have the best prices and largest range in the entire country – it won’t make a bit of difference if potential customers aren’t aware of it.

Therefore, Storefront signs are an invaluable promotional strategy. When a customer is gazing around a crowded mall or driving past a strip of shops, you only have a split second to capture their attention. A business sign that is colourful, concise and clear gives you the greatest chance of enticing them to check out your store in more detail.

Additionally, the phrase “dress for success” comes into play here. Consider this scenario: you’re looking to hire a suit for your friend’s wedding. On this street, there are two tuxedo hire shops. One has a dingy old advertisement in the window and a dated, cracked sign on the top of the building. The other has a bright storefront sign alerting you to current promotions and welcoming you inside. Which do you decide to do business with? The choice is obvious.

Stores that neglect to employ exterior marketing strategies, such as a storefront sign, are communicating to customers that they’re not a professional, serious business. Professional branding on a business sign will impress upon your clientele that you run a successful operation.

What should you look for when buying a business sign?

Now that you’ve decided a storefront or business sign is right for your business, it’s time to select one. There are a couple of important factors store owners need to consider when investing in a new sign, including size, mobility and ease of use.

  • Size

Size is particularly important because customers can’t react to advertising that they can’t see. If many of your potential customers are simply driving past your business, invest in a sign that is large enough to be seen from the road. You will need to ensure that the font you choose is both large and legible enough to get your message across from a distance.

  • Mobility

A storefront sign that has lockable wheels is ideal for those who wish to keep their business sign indoors and safe from vandalism out of opening hours. If your sign doesn’t have wheels, simply make sure it’s built from solid but light-weight steel so it can easily be carried.

  • Ease of use

A good business sign should be easy to assemble. All good signs also come with the ability to slide in and out new and old graphics with ease, so you can update your storefront sign to reflect current promotions.

Make sure that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Buy a storefront sign for your business today to attract the attention of the public and alert repeat customers to special deals and in store promotions. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your sales figures and store moral.