The Outdoor Banner Stand solution and what to look for

images (3)Times are hard and the chances are that your marketing budget isn’t as much as once it was.  With only a small amount to spend you want to be making the maximum impact for your money.  How do you target the right audience? How do you make sure that you’re being noticed?  These aren’t easy questions to answer, particularly when attention spans are getting ever shorter and an eye catching advertisement may be forgotten moments after it was seen.  If your shop or restaurant is on the high street, or anywhere where there is regular traffic, a banner stand may be a more immediate means of advertising than anything in a magazine, your ad is right outside your front door and it encourages the public to turn and look your way.  There is a far greater chance of them being instantly diverted by a sign outside your door than it is for them to remember you and make a special trip.

What is a banner?

A banner is generally a roll out piece of advertising or marketing material that can be used to display key information or special offers.  You may want a basic design just to indicate what your products are and encourage interest, or you may wish to showcase particular events or promotions.

What kinds of Banner Stands are there?

Banner stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your application.  They are usually light weight, made out of aluminium and fibreglass, and easy to assemble.   You mount your banner to the stand at the top and bottom and your advertisement is securely displayed.

What’s special about an Outdoor Banner Stand?

An outdoor banner stand is one that has been specifically designed for use outdoors. It should be more hardwearing, with a sturdier base in order to withstand a variety of weather conditions. 

Why invest in an Outdoor Banner stand?

Let’s be honest when we walk down the street we don’t pay a great deal of attention to our surroundings.  Our eyes are generally forward and our attention will be focused on our mobile phone, keeping our kids under control or the meeting that we’re late for.  We won’t necessarily notice the bargains and quality products that we’re walking past.  An outdoor banner stand puts those ideas right in the public’s eye line.  An outdoor banner stand is also a cost effective advertising solution.   Once you have invested in a stand the banners can be replaced regularly depending on your advertising needs at a fraction of the cost of your initial outlay.

What to look for in a good outdoor banner stand.

– Hardwearing.  An outdoor banner stand needs to be able to survive all weathers.  A sturdy base that can be weighted down with water or sand would be advisable.  The capacity to attach the banner securely at both top and bottom to prevent the sign from flapping and being damaged would also be of benefit as well as weather and rust resistant materials.

– Easy to assemble.  You don’t want to have to call out an engineer every time you want to move your banner or take it down.  Make sure that you choose a user friendly stand that you and your staff can easily erect and dismantle.

An outdoor banner stand is a simple and cost effective method of placing your products and services right in the public view.images (2)