The Pop-Up Banner Stand: A Straightforward Budget Solution

imagesPlanning exhibition attendance is never easy.  Particularly when it’s not your usual job role and you have to append this new responsibility to your existing duties.  There’s so much to take into account: exhibition space, stand design, stand catering, meeting rooms, hotel rooms for visiting delegates, handouts and merchandise.  The list seems endless and your time and budget are limited.  It’s enough to make anyone lose sleep but there are quick and easy solutions that can save you some money.  So, if you are looking for a simple, striking stand that is both professional and affordable, Pop Up Banner Stands can be the ideal choice for you.

What Are Pop Up Banner Stands?

Good question!  As the name suggests a pop up banner stand is a stand that ‘pops up’.  A mesh frame is unfolded to which a banner, showing your company graphics, and any important information or marketing materials, can be quickly and easily attached.  They vary in size from about 800 mm across up to more than 3 meters, are highly adaptable to your needs and can be the perfect backdrop to showcase your company’s capabilities.

Can I assemble Pop Up Banner Stands Myself?

Yes you can and with far more ease than you could build a flat pack book case at home.  The mesh frame is pulled into its full size and reinforced at key points, once that’s done you can attach your graphics.  It really is that simple.

budget-pop-up-display-bundle_2Will Pop Up Banner Stands Save Me Any Money?

A professional stand designer can charge thousands but with the proper guidance and the right graphics, you can create Pop Up Banner Stands that are both professional and eye-catching for a lot less, your wallet will thank you for it!  If you have a larger exhibition space, several stands of several sizes can be used to create a more complex structure, with the addition of seating areas for meetings, podiums and stands for your brochures, you can create an elegant and sophisticated stand for a fraction of the cost.

Exhibition attendance doesn’t have to be a costly headache. With a little careful planning and some innovative solutions there is no end to what can be achieved with any budget. A simple search on Google for Pop Up Banner Stands Designers can get you started in no time!