Trade Show Booth Ideas That Attract Visitors

images (4)Getting your trade show booth lined up can be fun.  Planning out where you will go and who will be there to represent your company are all exciting activities on the planning schedule.  But you can print all of the right literature, send your most knowledgeable sales representatives and drag along the best attendee giveaways just to come back empty handed in the end.  What went wrong?  Part of the planning for your trade shows needs to include pre-event, during event and post-event marketing communication.  Most attendees will show up and rely on the trade show to draw the right prospect mix for you to take advantage of once they wind up at your table but you can further capitalize on conversations with attendees before, during and after if you know how to plan it out.  Maximizing your plans for trade show booth success will increase your lead conversion in record time.  Being prepared to engage your prospective customer will make you feel confident in your product.

1 Month Before the Event

Send out an email or mail marketing campaign to likely attendees in your area inviting them to your exhibit and tell them a little bit about what they can expect to see at your trade show booth.  You will want to also make them aware of any promotional offers that you will have on the day of the event.  This will provide extra incentive to take advantage of your offering during the event instead of trying to ramp them up after.

2 Weeks Before the Event

Call down on your email or mail marketing list and ask them if they got it and if they plan on attending.  If they do then invite them once again to come by your trade show booth and talk to them about whether or not they currently use your product or service.  This will help you frame up a conversation for in-person dialogue.  Wrap up the call by saying that you are looking forward to meeting them and record their name and company name and keep the list for the event to reference later.

2 Days Before the Event

Gather your materials and supplies for the trade show booth.

  • Marketing materials, Trade show banners (don’t forget your trade show banner stands)
  • Client giveaways such as pens, mugs, water bottles
  • Plenty of business cards to hand out
  • Any demo tools or displays that you need to have out to attract attendees
  • List of prospects that you spoke to who told you that they would attend
  • Any promotional flyers that you need to hand out for during the event

Post-Event Communication and Lead Follow Up From Your Trade Show Booth

Following up on leads in a timely fashion is paramount to the success of your trade show strategy.  It is helpful to write the gist of your conversation with that person on their business card for you to reference later.  Make sure you call down on every business card you gather and thank them for coming by your exhibit.  Ask the attendee what attracted them to your trade show booth so you have a better idea of what you should have out on display for future events.  Next ask them what interested them about the conversations that you had with them.  It is important to note what their interest level is in order to pursue future business.  From there, you can gauge what sales opportunities there are for you to follow up on both now and in the future.  Trade shows are all about engaging the customer.  Having the right mix of display and personal engagement will do far in attracting new customers.

Final Tips on Trade Show Booth Setup

Being smart about your trade show booth planning will make the most of your time.  It isn’t as much about having all of the information that you want to bring with you as it is about the right mix.  Your trade show display and banners will do a lot to attract the customer and bring them to you for the conversation to happen. Be prepared by memorizing the right responses and terminology to keep the flow going while you utilize your demonstration tools to educate your customer. panama-trade-show-booth2