Trade Show Marketing – Making A Positive Impression!

Once the decision to participate in a trade show has been made, evaluating your options on how to make the most impactful trade show exhibit will be key. Essential elements of trade show marketing sometimes get overlooked in the mad logistics dash to get everything ready for the event. But identifying the most successful graphic elements for your trade show exhibit and choosing trade show banners that clearly convey your key messages and meet your brand communications goals, will get more of the right people to your booth.

trade_show-resized-600Deciding on a trade show banner

A trade show banner is one of the most effective ways to deliver your message. When designing the banner, consider the following elements to maximize impact:

  • Who is your target audience and what are your prospects’ specific needs and buying motivators?
  • What impactful message that is easy to read, crisp, and simple, will effectively get the message across with as few words as possible?
  • What visuals will generate interest and attract visitors? Banner graphics include type, photography and logos, but keep in mind the need for white space to enhance the impact of your trade show banner design?
  • What material is best? Choose your banner material depending on how you plan to use it. Typically made of vinyl or fabric, each has pros and cons. Fabric banners are durable, don’t crease, tear or wrinkle during transport or assembly but are more difficult to clean. Pictures on vinyl banners are more eye catching and have a sharper look than those on fabric. Vinyl reflects light, which increases its readability and is easy to clean.

A tradeshow banner stand gives you added freedom in where and how to communicate your message. It can be used within the trade show exhibit, or on its own to highlight a product (e.g. new product), announce an event (e.g. product demo of new product) or promote the business. Banner stands give you flexibility as they can be set up in other areas like the show lobby or at the end of an aisle or other high traffic area.

Trade show banner stand are available in a multitude of configurations and types.

  • Retractable banner stands roll up into the base for storage and attach to a support rail, making set-up a breeze.
  • L Banner Stands create an L-shaped frame to hold up the trade show banner.
    • X Banner Stands have the banner clipped into place on all 4 sides.
    • Pole Tension Stands can be adjusted to different heights. Banners can be swapped out easily depending on need and space.
    • Motorized Scrolling Banner Stands are available in floor and ceiling-mount models, featuring a motorized device that allows scrolling loop-type graphics.
    • Outdoor Banner Stands are made with durable, weather resistant materials.

When making your trade show marketing decisions, evaluate the best trade show banner and banner stand you will need to create maximum impact and effectively communicate your message while offering you durability and flexibility.ipad-resized-600