Trade Show Staffing

salespeopleA Scenario to Think About. Let’s say you have a new product and you were fortunate enough to get an appointment with a Wal Mart buyer. Experts who have spent time in that snake pit will tell you that the average time given by a Wal Mart buyer to listen to a sales pitch is all of eight minutes. Now ask yourself: who would you send to make this pitch? What strategy would you use? The next industry trade show where you’ll have your booth is not different in terms of importance with closing a deal.

Your Rep’s Attention Span Matters just as much.  Some trade show experts say sales people develop A.D.D. upon taking their positions at trade show booths. When at a trade show, a person is put in a different situation. He is not in his own precise element and can’t make the prospective customer as captive as he can out in the field, in the office or the other usual places where a sale gets closed. The team who choose and book the shows need to consider this important dynamic.

The A.D.D. of Tradeshow Planning. The sales reps need to sell. But so often, a company staff is too lean to let salespeople worry about selling. They get caught up in bookings, travel arrangements and other activates not directly related to their demonstrations. Worrying about physically getting the show set up frequently takes precedence and spreads like a disease as staffers worry more about getting there than what goes on once they do.

A Designated Coordinated is needed. To make a trade show successful, i.e., one where sales people reach the customers and present the brand strongly, there needs to be a designated marketing coordinator for the show. This person needs to be able to look at the macros, the big picture, and the whole forest. The trees within the forest are the one-on-one sales presentations that sales people make to people who visit the booths. The coordinator should be the person who focuses on layouts, banners and materials that will bring the customers in and let the sales person pounce on the moment.

A Salesperson can be Best For the Job. A salesperson with experience at successful trade shows will be a good coordinator, but only if he or she understands that a coordinator sets things up for others to close the sales.images (7)