Trade Show Success Strategies

IMG_5146If you are going to spend money on a trade show exhibit space, you want to be able to capitalize on your sales and marketing investment.  Knowing where your big event will be so that you can start planning for it, kicks off a sense of levity and excitement in planning for the big day.  If you have ever been to a trade show you might have noticed all of the different kinds of trade show booth displays that companies have.  They can range from very small and simple, attracting little attention to grandiose, elaborate lighted fixtures that seem to be a beacon for trade show attendees.  There are so many choices, which ones are right for you?

Trade Show Banner Stands For Smaller Exhibits

When your trade show plans are on a smaller scale, it is best to take displays that are very portable and light.  There are trade show banner stands that serve as a multi-purpose displays.  These transformers will fold up in a snap and fit right inside a tube that houses your rolled up trade show banner.  Some of these foldable stands even come with small LCD lights for you to bring some attention to your display without anything more than the use of a regular plug.  These are very handy, especially for the travelling sales representative that make regular rounds to regional and local trade shows throughout the year.  Some of them come in an “X” design while others are a stand and hook design.  Each one of these designs has esthetic appeal for maximum display impact.

images (6)Trade Show Banner Stands for a Standard Booth

For an exhibit space with a little more elbow room, you can invest in a design that is both portable but has more ability to stretch out and get noticed.  They are banner stands that incorporate both a protective housing for your trade show banner, as well as providing a way to display it as well.  These pull up stands are set up on the floor and come with a retractable spine that stands up to hold a hook for you to pull your banner out of the combination protective shell/stand footing and fix the top of your banner to the hook on the spine.  These wonderful display tools often come with padded carry cases so they will make plane travel a snap without risking damage to your trade show banners.

The Big Kahunas -Trade Show Banner Stands That Get Noticed

If you really want to make a statement and you have the exhibit hall floor space to do it, there are some amazing designs to take advantage of to hold a large banner over the top of your booth tables like an entryway welcoming them to take advantage of what you have to offer.  These setups come with lights, clips and forms to set up so that you are the booth that the attendees remember.  These displays come in rolling carry cases and are sure to maximize your trade show success.  tsn3